We have broadly defined three goals.

Development of a local food system

Rural Revival will work:

  1. with local food producers in the production, preservation, processing ,and marketing of food;
  2. with consumers of the area in locating sources for local food products;
  3. with retail outlets in the development of local markets for locally produced food.

Transfer of land to aspiring farmers

Rural Revival will work to set up a program linking those who have land or resources available for aspiring farmers with those aspiring farmers themselves. Rural Revival will work with individuals and congregations seeking help in the transfer of land from one generation to the next.

Educational/informational programs

Rural Revival will seek to plan public programs for churches and community organizations providing education and information on topics within the group’s primary interests — local food and land tenure issues. The group will work to shape an ethically informed stewardship of land, community and resources.

One thought on “Goals

  1. Hello,
    I proudly support the rural revival. My husband will be an aspiring farmer on land in Freeman and we are excited to make changes. Lets look at serious problems at hand. GMO’s are threatening this country. While many countries have already banned GMO’s, our farmers have been frightened by Monsanto into growing them. Lets look at the future of our children, food and our planet and fight this. You have my full support. I am a certified nutrition therapist that only wants to help my future community to fight back. I am open to health talks and petitions and anything else I can do to help the community make a difference. There are many other supporters of this movement and we are thankful to have ambitious farmers in making a change. Please tell me what I can do to help our future of food.
    Thank You
    Jessica Preheim NTP
    Nathaniel Prehiem

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