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Adventures in Agriculture

By Sadaf Cassim on Dec 10, 2020

If you have ever driven on old 44, just southeast of town, you might have noticed in the middle of the fields, a small house-like structure. And perhaps on a different day you spotted that same structure but most definitely in a different field. Happily, your sense are, in fact, sound and can be explained by an uncommon agricultural practice: the mobile chicken coop. While not a new concept, this unique and innovative practice is certainly not standard amongst the farms one finds in South Dakota.

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Ag Eductional Scholarships Now Available

By Lilly Eisenbeis on Oct 22, 2020

Rural Revival is please to announce the availabilty of scholarship money for those interested in attending a variety of Ag related conferences/seminars in the regional area. To qualify an online application must be filled out and submitted to Rural Revival. Please plan ahead accordingly so that your application can be considered prior to conference registration deadlines as necessary.

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From music professor to farmer (and mother of triplets)

By Dennis Jurkovich on Nov 9, 2019

Anne Waltner returns to this agriculturally-rooted land for the love of community

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Grass farming: A good alternative in more than one way

By S. Roy Kaufman on Jun 20, 2019

As conventional, commodity oriented farmers struggle with low commodity prices and a burdensome debt load, grassland farming might provide an attractive option.

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