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From music professor to farmer (and mother of triplets)

By Dennis Jurkovich on Nov 9, 2019

Anne Waltner returns to this agriculturally-rooted land for the love of community

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Grass farming: A good alternative in more than one way

By S. Roy Kaufman on Jun 20, 2019

As conventional, commodity oriented farmers struggle with low commodity prices and a burdensome debt load, grassland farming might provide an attractive option.

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Side-by-side in Farming and faith

By Dennis Lehmann on Jun 8, 2019

Tom and Jenna Graber grew up with an interest in animals and agriculture, but came at it from different perspectives. Now, after marrying in 2014, they farm together 7 miles south of Marion. Jenna and Tom Graber started farming together in 2014, the same year they were married. Their farm is located 7 miles south of Marion, and features a commercial cow/ calf operation and minimum tillage crops.

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Herding goats with success

By Lillie Eisenbeis on May 1, 2017

Goats do well across the world — and that includes on the Lee & Marilyn Brockmueller farm

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