Our Presence

By Paul Ortman | Apr 11, 2011

“Rural Revival” exists on the web.

While not exactly a first for human kind, it is always a little bit of a feat for agriculturalists to find the time to pause long enough to explain to others what we do, what we believe and what we see in the future. This website is but one of those communication channels the group hopes to open up with the local community of rural Freeman, South Dakota and beyond.

It's probably wise to at least initially point out our group's Mission Statement so all could see why we exist, and likewise, you'll probably want to also know what broad goals and projects we see ourselves undertaking.

As for this website/blog, we hope that it will allow others to get information about us and help us in the coordination of activities and education. We’ll likely be posting somewhat irregularly with bits of news we feel should be shared and that pertain to our mission and goals.