Program on Generational Land Transfers

By Paul Ortman | May 2, 2011

Rural Revival is hosting an informational program on “Establishing New Farms: Passing Land on to the Next Generation of Farmers,” at the Salem Mennonite (South) Church, 28103 443rd Avenue, Freeman, on Sunday evening, May 15, at 7:00 p.m.

The program will feature a panel discussion of representatives from Dakota Rural Action, Brookings, S. D., and Center for Rural Affairs, Lyons, Neb. Each of these organizations facilitates the generational transfer of land from established to incoming farmers throughout the Midwest, with specific “farm beginning” programs.

Rural Revival began with a concern about how the land can be transferred from older established farmers in our churches to younger people interested in farming. This program will be of particular interest to older farmers who may not have children interested in farming but who wish to see their farms passed on to another generation of farmers, younger people who have an interest in farming, as well as business people. The future of healthy rural communities depends on many people making a living on the land.

There will be opportunity for questions and discussion, as well as the sharing of stories about how new generations of farmers came into farming in the past in rural communities like this. The public is invited to attend. A time of informal fellowship will follow.